CYFS 10 Year Anniversary


The Nebraska Center for Research on Children, Youth, Families and Schools (CYFS), housed within the College of Education & Human Sciences (CEHS), is a dynamic interdisciplinary entity with a specific mission, background, goal and related objectives.

Our Mission

The mission of CYFS is to advance the conduct of high-quality interdisciplinary research to promote the intellectual, behavioral and social-emotional development and functioning of individuals across educational, familial and community contexts. Central to this is enhancing our understanding of how these complex systems work dynamically to support the future of our nation.

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The National Center for Research on Rural Education

National Center for Research on Rural Education

MAP Academy

MAP Academy

The Empowerment Initiative

The Empowerment Initiative

Recent Publications & Presentations

An Introduction to Conjoint Behavioral Consultation via Distance Delivery (CBC-D)
Michael Coutts
Shannon Holmes
Susan Sheridan
Tyler Smith

The Role of Family-School Partnerships in Increasing Science Literacy in Rural Communities
Gina Kunz
Susan Sheridan

Identifying the Needs of Vulnerable Children and Families in Lancaster and Saunders Counties: A Community Assessment
Caitlin Eis
Allison Morton
Miriam Kuhn

Advancing Rural Education Research: Importance of Interdisciplinary Research Partnerships
Mary Hellwege
Maureen O'Connor
Gwen Nugent, Ph.D.
Gina Kunz, Ph.D.
Susan Sheridan, Ph.D.