Research that shapes the future

The Nebraska Center for Research on Children, Youth, Families & Schools is an interdisciplinary research center in the College of Education and Human Sciences at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln.


Our mission is to make a positive difference in people’s lives through research in the social, behavioral and educational sciences.


Our vision is that all children, youth, families and schools have the opportunity to realize their potential and reach beyond.

What We Do

We conduct, support and share research within the following themes:

Conduct Research

CYFS faculty, postdoctoral scholars, graduate students and undergraduate students conduct research through grant-funded projects. Our projects span locally, nationally and internationally. They cover topics including school readiness, family-school partnerships, teacher coaching, and evaluation methodology.

Among this diversity, all have a shared goal: to impact lives through research that advances learning and development.

Support Research

Our team provides comprehensive research support to faculty as they conceptualize, develop, submit and manage their grants. We also host presentations, special events and workshops to facilitate professional development and networking.

We’re committed to enhancing research capacity through collaboration.

Share Research

We partner with community agencies, practitioners and policymakers to share research findings. We share these findings through traditional avenues: academic conferences, journals and presentations. And we also share these findings through nontraditional platforms: public conferences, social media, webinars, email marketing and news releases.

We tell the story of research across audiences and platforms.


CYFS was founded in 2004 as an interdisciplinary research center within the College of Education and Human Sciences at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. CYFS is supported by the university’s Program of Excellence and external grants, including federal, state, foundation and internal grants.