We offer complimentary services from start to finish as you conceptualize, develop, submit and manage your grant. You’ll also have access to additional services, including web, technology and communications support; database management; and statistical analyses.



Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any costs?

Most of our services are provided free to faculty. There are no fees associated with obtaining pre-award support to develop and submit your grant. Once your grant is funded, you’ll have access to our complimentary post-award services to help you execute your research as efficiently as possible.

Additional services, which include database management; statistical analyses; and communications and media support, are also available at an hourly rate. See current rates here.

The center receives part of the facilities and administrative fees (F&A) for funded projects. No other fee is applied to grant budgets. We make special arrangements for grants that do not generate F&A.

What happens to the F&A generated from grants?

We follow university protocol for F&A fees. They are first distributed across university administrative structures, and remaining funds are distributed to the colleges of the principal investigators and to CYFS.

In the College of Education and Human Sciences, the same percentage of F&A is distributed to departments, regardless of CYFS involvement. For researchers from other colleges, CYFS has Memoranda of Understanding that define the F&A distribution.

Will I have access to other campus grant support?

You are eligible to receive support from other campus resources. CYFS has excellent relationships with other research support entities on campus, including the Office of Research and Economic Development and the CEHS business office. We work closely with other departments during proposal development and post-award management to ensure seamless and efficient support.

Do I need to be a CYFS Research Affiliate?

All faculty in the University of Nebraska system are welcome to work with the center. CYFS Research Affiliates make up a network of more than 90 diverse faculty who partner with the center in various ways and who make a significant contribution to Nebraska’s research community in the social, behavioral and educational sciences. Research affiliates are integral to the center’s mission and vibrant research culture, and have opportunities to engage in valuable research exchanges that spark new ideas and foster interdisciplinary collaboration. CYFS is well positioned to leverage faculty members’ strengths to help them conduct research at the highest level.

What services does CYFS offer to students?

We offer graduate students the same pre- and post-award supports that are available to faculty. On occasion, we provide grant-writing seminars to assist graduate students with grant development. Many undergraduate and graduate students are also actively involved in CYFS research programs.