Research Support Overview

Research Support Overview


We offer complimentary services from start to finish as you conceptualize, develop, submit and manage your grant. You’ll also have access to additional services, including web, technology and communications support; database management; and statistical analyses.

Research Support Overview


Our mission is to impact lives through research that advances learning and development. And we cannot achieve this mission without collaboration among faculty partners like you.

As your interdisciplinary research center, we’re here to advance and support your work at all stages — from a seed of an idea to research that changes lives. Let’s get to work.


Getting started can be the hardest part. We help you build a strong foundation to meet your research and funding goals — from generating the initial concept to finalizing a timeline.

Research Conceptualization

We’re here to help you take an initial idea and craft it into a compelling grant proposal. You have the research question — and we have ideas on how to frame it for funding.

Funding Identification

We help find requests for applications and funding opportunities from relevant federal, state, foundation and internal sources. Together, we develop a timeline to make sure everything is ready before the submission deadline.

Team Development

We help identify potential collaborators, such as co-investigators, key personnel and graduate students. We also coordinate CYFS support services and facilitate university networking to round out your team.


We continue to help you develop and coordinate every aspect of the grant proposal process, tailoring it to meet your individual needs.

Research Design

Our methodologists are available to collaborate with you on research design and methodology; data collection, management and analysis; planning for intervention fidelity assessment and more.

Content Review

We’re happy to help you edit and improve content and organization. With backgrounds as scientists and grant reviewers, we approach your proposal from both perspectives.


Our administrative staff make sure everything is accounted for, from personnel management to database storage. We help you develop and justify your budget while providing related documentation.


You’re almost there. We help you complete the grant proposal process by assisting with final details and submitting a polished package.


Lean on us to help you refine and finalize the proposal, from overall content review to line-item edits. Our team also provides suggestions for project aims, methods and other elements.

Package Development

We edit CVs, biosketches and references for consistency, making sure they conform to funding agency specifications. We also assist with additional forms and assurances.

Package Submission

Our team assists with all aspects of the final grant package, including coordination with the University of Nebraska–Lincoln’s Office of Research and Economic Development, to ensure a high-quality proposal that is ready for submission.


Congratulations — you’re funded! We provide post-award support to save you time and other resources, allowing you to focus on your research.

Personnel & Grant Management

We’re here to help you manage any hiring, payroll and purchasing needs. Once employees are hired, we process their expenses, purchases, payments and reimbursements.

Budget Management & Reconciliation

Our administrative staff monitor and reconcile budgets to meet post-award requirements and provide regular budget reports.

Research Activity Coordination

Leave some of the administrative work to us. We’re available to assist with travel arrangements and ordering materials and supplies.

Event Support

Our team assists with both internal and public research activities. We schedule meetings and provide basic support for workshops and trainings