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Building the Infrastructure for Early Childhood Executive Function Research in Nebraska

Research Team

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Principal Investigator: Carrie Clark

Co-Principal Investigators: Jenna Finch

Funding Information

Funding Agency: University of Nebraska Collaboration Initiative

Award Date: Jul 1, 2019

End Date: Jun 30, 2020


This project is designed to develop Nebraska into a nationally recognized hub at the center of these research endeavors. Capitalizing on unique NU resources such as the Nebraska Academy for Early Childhood Research and Nebraska Extension, the team will develop and expand a network of researchers from across the University of Nebraska system whose expertise spans experimental neuroscience to statewide intervention delivery.

These grant activities will contribute directly to the development of ambitious, multidisciplinary, and compelling federal funding applications that will keep NU at the forefront of groundbreaking early childhood research.  

Early Education & Development

Members of the executive function collaboration infrastructure team include, from left, Jolene Johnson, Kathleen Gallagher, Carrie Clark, Kimia Akhavein, Anne Schutte, Jenna Finch, Danae Dinkel, Amanda Witte, Irina Patwardhan, Philip Lai and Marc Goodrich.
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