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Development and Evaluation of Videos to Help Students Understand Basic Food Preparation

Research Team


Principal Investigator: Georgia Jones

Funding Information

Funding Agency: CEHS Technology Innovation Projects

Award Date: May 1, 2015

End Date: Oct 31, 2015


Many instructors have smartphones or other mobile devices, but they may not realize how effective these devices can be for producing supplemental instructional videos. This project will provide insight on the best methods to produce videos within a mobile platform and the most effective ways to develop student engagement. 

This project has two components:

  • Development of approximately 10 video-based instructional modules shot with only GoPro and mobile device cameras, and they will be edited and disseminated solely within a mobile platform. In this instance, an Apple iPad Air 2 running iOS 8 will be used, but these methods also are applicable for Android mobile devices. There will be no traditional desktop or laptop computer involvement.
  • Creation of an interactive web and video-based tutorial, enabling other instructors to replicate this type of instructional video. 
The video-based content will serve as complementary course materials to help students acquire a foundation of basic food knowledge and skills. They are designed to benefit the learning experience of students enrolled in traditional, campus-based lecture — laboratory food preparation classes. 

Findings will be disseminated through written report to the CEHS technology committee and other avenues, such as a presentation at the CEHS Research Fair. The tutorial video that will be produced as part of this project will be made available to all CEHS course instructors, thus making this project replicable throughout CEHS and across various content domains.

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