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Enhancing the 4-H Common Measures: An Evaluation Proposal

Research Team


Principal Investigator: Leslie Hawley

Co-Principal Investigators: Susan Sheridan

Funding Information

Funding Agency: National 4-H Council

Award Date: May 1, 2015

End Date: Feb 10, 2017


4-H stakeholders created a series of nine standard instruments, called the Common Measures, to assist local, state, regional and national 4-H programs in their evaluation efforts. These instruments assess child and youth outcomes and indicators. 

This project will critically review the nine existing instruments that comprise the 4-H Common Measures and suggest potential areas for revision. Recommendations will focus on the outcomes outlined in the National 4-H Council’s Logic Model.

The main tasks for this evaluation include:

  1. The review of existing instruments and feedback from 4-H systems.
  2. The development of items for measuring program improvement that provide contextual understanding of the youth experience.
  3. The development of new measures for evaluating character development.
  4. The development of new measures for evaluating targeted behavioral change.
  5. The re-design of survey protocol.

Rural Schools and Communities

CYFS methodologists with the MAP Academy are developing measures to help 4-H assess youth development outcomes. The team includes, from left, Jared Stevens, Natalie Koziol, Lorey Wheeler, Ann Arthur, Michelle Howell Smith and Leslie Hawley.
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