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Nebraska Multi-Tiered System of Support Implementation Support Team


Research Team

Name Name

Principal Investigator: Amanda Witte

Co-Principal Investigators: HyeonJin Yoon

Funding Information

Funding Agency: U.S. Department of Education

Subcontract from: Nebraska Department of Education (NDE)

Award Date: Oct 1, 2018

End Date: Aug 31, 2024


This project is funded by a subcontract from the Nebraska Department of Education.

This project provides ongoing professional learning needed to assist Nebraska schools in effective implementation of a Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS), high-quality instruction and interventions, and data-based decision making to advance academic outcomes for all students, including those at risk. 

NeMTSS supports and empowers educators as they prepare students for success by systemically delivering a range of high-quality instruction in a positive school culture to meet academic and behavioral needs of all students. 

The goal is to build capacity within Nebraska districts and schools to deeply implement MTSS and effective instructional practices and interventions to improve results for all students; build and refine materials for MTSS training and TA supports and build capacity of team members to provide training and support for districts/schools in MTSS skills; and to determine methods for monitoring NeMTSS efforts. 

Rural Schools and Communities, Early Childhood Education and Development, Academic Intervention & Learning

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